An Ikaros supplement for playing Hunt: Showdown. Hunt: Showdown and like half the enemy names in here are registered trademarks of Crytek and are used here without permission.

New rules

Zone map

Like Hunt: Showdown, Ikaros: Showdown is played on a map, divided into a number of irregular areas, called “zones,” with each zone containing one structure, complex, or point of interest. Moving from one zone to another takes about five minutes of in-game time. Halve the time if the players are running (TN 9 Athletics check, increases by one for every zone traveled through without rest, generates a noise 0 event in both the starting zone and ending zone), and double it if the zone the players are starting their move in is mostly water or rough terrain.

Rival groups

The players are far from the only group of hunters in their area. Unlike in the video game, some rival groups in Ikaros: Showdown should be reasonable people that you can roleplay with, so as not to punish players who want to take social skills. Some groups should definitely be violent bastards, though, and even the friendliest negotiation in the bayou is still between two heavily armed and just as heavily traumatized groups of strangers.


Noise is a huge part of hunting in the bayou, and keeping noise low will be vital in order to have a successful hunt. Whenever a player takes an action that generates noise, mark down which zone the noise occurred in. Every monster in that zone and every rival hunter within a distance of a number of zones equal to the noise value of the noisy action gain the On Alert trait for the next ten minutes, which grants a +2 advantage on Noticing checks in addition to the usual benefits of a trait.

An action or event with a noise value of 0 still generates noise, it just doesn’t alert anyone outside of the zone that the noise occurred in. If a noise modifier would reduce the noise of an event to below 0, it instead generates no noise.

At the GM’s discretion, noise can be swapped in for an injury on failed rolls.

Environment noise sources

These make great consequences for failed rolls, or can be actively thrown in the players’ way as the focus of a Noticing or Stealth check.

  • Easily startled birds: noise 1, visible from the entire zone map.
  • Dying horse: noise 2.
  • Dog kennel: noise 3.

First aid changes

First aid either removes a condition entirely (if its value was 3 or lower) or reduces its value to 1 (if its value was 4 or higher) on a success, or halves it (rounding down) on a failure.

Fire, poison, and bleeding

Some attacks will include “fire,” “poison,” or “bleed” as special features of the attack. Characters and monsters damaged by fire must make a TN 10/12 Athletics check, or else they take an additional 1d3 Burnt physical condition that must be healed separately. Characters and monsters damaged by poison must make a TN 10/12 Might roll or they increase the damage taken by 1, count as poisoned until the condition is healed, and become unable to heal the damage they take from that attack via resting (it must be healed using first aid). Characters and monsters damaged by bleeding must increase the value of all bleeding injuries by 1 whenever they make an Athletics or Fighting check, regardless of whether they succeed or fail. Bleeding wounds stop bleeding when they heal enough damage to go below their original damage value.

New talents

Gator Legs

The bayou is as much a home to you as dry land is to others. You no longer double the time it takes to move through zones that are mostly water, and any water that’s shallow enough to walk through does not apply any disadvantage on Athletics rolls.


You’re no stranger to running. The TN for running between zones no longer increases for every zone traveled through, and you no longer generate noise when running between zones.

Poison Sense

You automatically know the locations of all poisoned hunters within the same zone as you.

New or changed items

Ranged weapons

Unlike in base Ikaros, weapon ranges here are actually pretty important. A weapon’s range is given by two numbers, separated by a slash, and counts how many zones away the attack can be made (provided line of sight is clear). Attacks up until the first range are made with no penalty. Attacks made against targets that are longer away than the first range but still within the second are made with a -2 out-of-range penalty that stacks with disadvantage. Attacks beyond the second range are not possible.

A range of 0 means an attack can be anywhere within the same zone. A range of "-" corresponds to about 20 yards. GMs are encouraged to be lenient when players and their targets are near the borders of a zone.

Weapon Damage and effects Noise Range Extra ammunition? Bulk
Sling 1d3 / 2d3
Add 1/2 Might to damage
- 0/1 Yes 1
Bundle of small thrown weapons (axe/knife/etc) 1d2 / 1d3+1
Add 1/2 Might to damage
- -/0 Yes 1
Brace of large thrown weapons (javelin/spear/etc) 1d3 / 2d3+1
Add 1/2 Might to damage
- -/0 Yes 2
Hunting bow 2d3 / 3d3
Armor reduction: 1, may take broadhead arrows that deal 1 less damage but inflict bleeding
- 0/1 Yes 2
Crossbow 2d3+1 / 3d3+1
Armor reduction: 2, may take poison bolts that deal 1 less damage but inflict poison
- 0/1 No 3
Pistol 1d3 / 2d3
Armor reduction: 2, shares Extra Ammo with carbines
1 -/0 Yes 1
Carbine 1d3 / 2d3+1
Armor reduction: 2, shares Extra Ammo with pistols
1 0/1 Yes 2
Shotgun 2d3+1 / 3d3+1
Armor reduction: 1
2 -/0 Yes 3
Long rifle 2d3 / 3d3
Ignores armor, may take incendiary rounds that deal 1 less damage but inflict fire
2 0/2 Yes 3
Big game rifle 2d3+1 / 4d3
Ignores armor
3 0/2 No 4
Bomb lance 2d3+1 / 5d3 3 -/0 No 4

Explosives and other AOE throwables

Every weapon in this section may only be used once before running out, and are thrown using the Shooting skill. They have a range of - (20 yards), and will affect everything within 2 yards of the impact site. All explosive throwables may also be taken in trap form instead of throwing form (converting between the two forms on the fly requires a TN 10 Craftwork check and takes two minutes).

Weapon Damage and effects Noise Bulk
Dynamite 3d3 / 4d3
Armor reduction: 2
3 1
Fire bomb 2d3 / 3d3
Ignores armor, fire
0 1
Poison bomb 1d3 / 2d3
Ignores armor, poison
0 1
Hive bomb 2d3 / 3d3
Ignores armor, poison, only affects other hunters
0 1
Concertina bomb 2d3+1 / 3d3+1
- 1
Noise mine 0 / 0 1 1

Melee weapons

Weapon Damage and effects Bulk
Unarmed 1d2 / 1d3 -
Pistol whip 1d2 / 1d3+1 -
Rifle butt 1d3 / 1d3+1 -
Dagger/knife 1d2 / 2d3
Hits deal +2 damage against unaware targets
1h melee weapon (other than knife) 1d3 / 2d3
Becomes Bulk 1 when worn on a belt
2h melee weapon 1d3+1 / 2d3+1
Armor reduction: 1
Bayonet 1d3 / 2d3+1
Only deals piercing damage
+1 to weapon bulk
Rending bayonet 1d3 / 2d3
Only deals slashing damage, bleed
+1 to weapon bulk

Misc items

Item Effects Bulk
Extra ammunition Extra ammunition now only works on the exact weapon type that it’s taken for, but is otherwise treated the same as in the Ikaros rulebook. 1
First aid kit/medical kit In addition to the listed effects in the Ikaros rulebook, you may expend one charge to treat a wound that would otherwise be untreatable due to time and/or other first aid attempts. This may be done as many times as you want, as long as you have the charges. Expending that charge will also include the usual bonus for expending a first aid kit/medical kit charge on an injury. 1 or 2
Antidote shot All current poison conditions no longer count as poison, and you become immune to poison for the rest of the day. Three charges. 1
Stamina shot Instantly reduce Fatigue to 0. Three charges. 1
Vitality shot Instantly reduce all physical injuries by 1. Three charges. 1



Minor NPC | link

Your standard issue zombie. These monsters are only threatening in packs, although since they always move in groups that’s not as big of a weakness as one might think.

Trait: Mindless zombie with a short attention span.
Skills: Might +2, Fighting +1
Resilience: 10
Armor: 2 (none) or 4 (skillet/wood stove door worn over the chest with a rope)
Weapons: unarmed (1d2+1/1d3+1) or cleaver (1d3+1/2d3+1) or lit torch (1d2/1d3, fire)


Minor NPC | link

Turns out it’s not just humans who can be turned into zombies. Who knew?

Trait: Zombie dog from hell!
Skills: Athletics +2, Fighting +1, Noticing +1
Resilience: 8
Armor: 2 (none) or 4 (iron helmet)
Weapons: vicious bite (1d3/2d3)


Major NPC | link

These powerful undead are covered in chitinous plates that must be blown off their body before they can be harmed.

Trait: Heavily armored but surprisingly flammable zombie.
Skills: Fighting +3, Might +2, Noticing +1
Talents: Oakfist, Monstrous Resilience
Resilience: 20
Armor: 4 (chitin plates)
Weapons: chitinous fist (1d3+1/2d3+1)
Special: Takes maximum damage from any fire attacks.


Major NPC | link

These zombies have had their upper bodies twisted at a right angle to make room for the hive of venemous insects that erupts upward from their distended rib cages. Avoiding them is recommended not only due to the stinging insects, but also for their propensity to scream when they notice their prey.

Trait: Loud, screamy bughouse zombie.
Skills: Shooting +3, Noticing +2
Resilience: 12
Armor: 2 (none)
Weapons: angry insect swarm (1d3/2d3, ignores armor, poison)
Special: Lets out a noise 2 scream when it attacks for the first time.


Major NPC | link

These permanently alighted skeletons have a rage as fiery as their bodies. Make sure not to stab them, or they’ll explode, literally!

Trait: Burning skeleton with a rage problem.
Skills: Fighting +2, Might +2, Noticing +1
Talents: Burning Rage (see Special), Oakfist
Resilience: 16
Armor: 2 (none)
Weapons: fist (1d3+1/2d3+1, if in a rage: fire)
Special: Burning Rage behaves identically to the Barbaric Rage talent, except it activates automatically when taking any damage other than bludgeoning, cannot be activated manually, lasts thirty seconds instead of one minute, and the Immolator dies when the rage ends.


Major NPC | meathead | leeches

Also known as “soul farmers,” these lumbering, headless monstrosities (surrounded at all times by their leeches) can only see foes that have been poisoned, whether by a hive or by their leeches.

Trait: Lumbering, headless zombie with poisonsense and a gaggle of leech buddies.
Skills: Might +4, Fighting +3
Talents: Animal Companion (leeches, resilience 6, +1 Athletics, Fighting, and Noticing), Monstrous Resilience, Specialist: Poisonsense (+2 Noticing when tracking poisoned hunters)
Resilience: 24
Armor: 2 (none)
Weapons: steel rod (1d3+3/2d3+3, armor reduction: 1), leeches (1d2/1d3, poison)
Special: Takes max damage from explosives and shotguns.

Water Devil

Major NPC | link

These writhing masses of aquatic worms strip any animal that enters their waters to bones in seconds.

Trait: Writhing mass of voracious aquatic worms.
Skills: Fighting +3, Might +2
Talents: Flurry, Monstrous Resilience, Sneak Attack, Swarm
Resilience: 20
Armor: 2 (none)
Weapons: bite (1d2+1/2d3+1)
Special: Regardless of what killed it, the swarm will reconstitute one minute after death.

Rival hunter

Major NPC | link

What if the real monster… is people?

…no, the real monsters are the giant bloodthirsty zombies.

Trait: Rival hunter. Something must have gone seriously wrong with their life if they’re out here with you.
Skills: Shooting +3, Athletics +2, Stealth +2, Fighting +1, Lore +1, Noticing +1, Survival +1
Resilience: 12
Armor: 2 (none)
Weapons: 1 ranged weapon, 1 melee weapon


Monster | link

This horse-sized spiderlike monster is not to be engaged lightly.

Trait: Giant zombie spider with an immunity to poison.
Skills: Fighting +3, Might +3, Noticing +2, Stealth +2, Shooting +2
Talents: Flurry, Sneak Attack, Tough Exterior x2
Resilience: 25
Armor: 4 (chitin)
Weapons: screeching pounce (1d3+1/2d3+1, noise 1, poison), poison spit (1d3+1/2d3+1, ignores armor, poison)
Special: Immune to poison, takes maximum damage from fire and melee weapons.


Monster | link

This fucking guy. Yikes.

Trait: Pig-headed meat mountain with the power of fire.
Skills: Might +4, Fighting +3, Shooting +2
Talents: Mighty Blow, Monstrous Resilience, Tough Exterior
Resilience: 34
Armor: 3 (meat)
Weapons: giant iron hook (1d3+3/2d3+5, armor reduction: 2, fire), fireball (1d3+1/2d3+1, ignores armor, fire)
Special: Immune to fire, takes maximum damage from slashing weapons.


Monster | link

This bounty is a faceless, humanoid figure that can create clones of itself, turn into a cloud of bugs, and deals intense bleeding damage.

Trait: Monstrous assassin who can create clones and turn into a cloud of bugs.
Skills: Stealth +4, Fighting +3, Shooting +3, Might +2, Noticing +1
Talents: Combat Momentum, Sneak Attack, Tough Exterior
Resilience: 22
Armor: 3 (tough), 5 in bug form (diffuse)
Weapons: bone spear (1d3+2 / 2d3+2, armor reduction: 1, bleed), thrown bone spear (1d3+1/2d3+2, bleed)
Special: Automatically fails all poison checks and takes maximum damage from poison attacks.


Monster | link

This bird-obsessed rag man surrounds himself with razor sharp detritus, for reasons no one is entirely sure of.

Trait: Bird-obsessed ex-rag man will protect his collection of junk at any cost.
Skills: Shooting +4, Fight +3, Might +3, Athletics +2, Noticing +2
Talents: Barbaric Rage, Flurry
Resilience: 25
Armor: 5 (backpack of steel)
Weapons: rending axe (1d3+1/2d3+1, bleed), concertina bomb (2d3+1/3d3+1, bleed)
Special: Automatically fails all poison checks and takes maximum damage from poison attacks, piercing melee attacks ignore his armor.