Welcome to my portfolio! This mostly exists to provide a convenient place for me to host my little JS projects and the occasional PDF that I might want to share, but feel free to poke around :)

Unless otherwise specified on either their page or in the source, all games on this website are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, and all software projects are released under the licenses in their codebases.

Tabletop Games


A roleplaying game where sacrifice is the only way forward. This game came out of my efforts to run a game that feels like a cross between Mausritter and Burning Wheel using a system heavily inspired by Fate.

PDF | Character sheet | Ikaros: Showdown


Hespera is a light tabletop RPG, designed to play occult sci-fi. It plays like a cross between Lasers and Feelings and Mouse Guard.

HTML | PDF | ePub | Character sheet

You Are Cordially Invited…

A one-shot TTRPG where you play ex-assassins trying to help their friends have the perfect wedding. The rules for this are based off an unfinished game that I made for a gam jam where the players are minotaurs trying to escape Crete.

PDF (booklet) | PDF (flat)

Keep Going

Inspired by all the amazing art that people made of their own pets helping guide Tater Tot through the Rainbow Bridge after his passing, Keep Going is a one-page RPG about pets helping each other navigate their way through the afterlife to get to the Rainbow Bridge. Made for the One-Page RPG Jam 2023.


Let’s Get Down To Business

Let’s Get Down To Business is a micro-RPG designed to fit onto a single folded business card, using a novel diceless resolution system. Needs playtesting.


Wizard Cards

Wizard Cards is a two-player card game I made up in a weekend because I was on vacation and the weather was bad. Very loosely based off a game (called Dungeon Cards, I think) that one of my friends made up when we were younger.

HTML | PDF | ePub

Pine SRD

SRD for running simple comedic one-shots, based off the rules of You Are Cordially Invited. If you end up making a game based off this SRD, drop me a line!



🌲 Pine SRD

While I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the Hespera 2e playtest recently, that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to make an official SRD for the system that I used in You Are Cordially Invited and Labyrinth Break!, an as-yet-and-probably-always-unpublished game about minotaurs trying to escape Crete. So I figured, why not just go ahead and release that official SRD now, as a little palate cleanser? Presenting: the Pine SRD!

View full post | May 19, 2024

🌹 Red Rose Poker

I’ve been thinking a lot about different poker variants ever since Balatro came out, and more specifically thinking about how different variants of poker manage public and private information, and how different varieties have differing amounts of player interaction. After noodling on this off and on for a while, I think I’ve come up with a pretty fun variant of five card draw (my favorite game of poker) that works in the public knowledge and shared pool of Texas Hold ‘Em, while also increasing player interaction.

View full post | May 4, 2024

🃏 Hand of Exhaustion

Earlier this month, Prismatic Wasteland put out a blog post challenging people to come up with a new mechanic, give it a name, and post it by the end of the month. I have not done this. Instead, I’m taking this opportunity to post a resolution system I had kicked around for a few days back in 2018, because even though I’ve never ended up using it for anything, I think it’s kinda neat, and if I don’t publish it now then I probably never will. I call it Hand of Exhaustion.

View full post | January 10, 2024

🤠 Ikaros: Showdown

An Ikaros supplement for playing Hunt: Showdown. Hunt: Showdown and like half the enemy names in here are registered trademarks of Crytek and are used here without permission.

View full post | March 26, 2023

Browser Games

The Wanderer

Short storybook browser game I made for eevee’s Games Made Quick 1.5. Rough around the edges, but I was in a rush.

Link (source)


Tools for third party games

All items in this section created without permission of the creators and with no claim to ownership.

Maze Rats
Car Wars