Professional Edition

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Enterprise Edition

One player is the CEO, and the rest are their VPs. To start the game, the CEO gives the VPs a business issue, and the game ends when they resolve it.

To make a VP (see HR Record), choose a name, department, strength, and weakness. If you attempt a risky action, you must schedule a meeting: you and the CEO each secretly mark a day on your calendars, reveal them together, and if the day you chose is in the same week as or the week after the day the CEO chose you are successful (week 1 is “after” week 4). If you are playing to your strength, you are also successful if you chose a day in the week before. If you are playing to your weakness, you are only successful if you chose a day in the same week. If you fail, the CEO will either narrate your embarrassing failure, or cross off one of your budget.

When you fail, you may try to reassign blame. Have another VP stand their copy of this card up on the short side, like a tower. From about three feet away, throw one of your own business cards (or this one), and if you knock their card over the failure applies to them instead. If you can’t knock it down, you must cross off a budget on top of the failure.

If all your budget is crossed off or your calendar is full, you’re on personal leave. Erase your budget and calendar, dictate an e-mail about “spending more time with family,” and sit out until another player fails to schedule a meeting. The CEO may clear their calendar at any time by letting the player(s) with the most checked off budget boxes erase one.


Q: When I schedule a meeting, how can I keep track of which day I chose once my calendar starts to fill up?

A: It’s not a hard and fast rule, but one thing to try is putting a diagonal line when choosing a day, and after you and the CEO or VP you’re scheduling a meeting with reveal your choices, you can put another diagonal line going the other way to make an X.